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Re: gas pedal midi foot controller(Gordius LG)

William Walker wrote:

>  Actually though it took me a while to figure out how to program (not 
> nearly as long as my first attempts to decipher the FCB1010) I really 
> love the Gordius little Giant.  Its more compact and more ruggedly built 

> bought. Not only that, ,  Xavier, the guy who builds them,  actually 
> listens to feedback from clients. Andy Butler alerted him to the fact 
> that the Gordius was producing more latency than Andyís dedicated EDP 
> pedal, so Xavier got busy and reduced the latency specs dramatically. 
> Try asking Behringer or Yamaha for that matter to improve their midi 
> latency. Iíd be curious to see how much the Gas pedal costs, it sure 
> looks expensive, but more and more I believe you canít really drink 
> champagne on a beer budget
hi Bill,
that's right, somehow the Gordius latency had crept up to about 30mS as 
Xavier added more features.
...but once Xavier was tipped off about this he fixed it really quickly,
in under a week if I remember right.
Now latency with the LG controlling an EDP actually *less* than that of 
the EDP's
dedicated hardware controller (the FC7).

The Gordius little giant won't (at the moment) work with all types of foot 
controller. There's 2 types of wiring common for an expression pedal, and 
you have to use the correct one (or do a quick changeover on the pedal 
with a soldering iron). The Roland type is ok, the Yamaha isn't. Xavier 
hopes to work on that, perhaps by copying the clever circuitry used by the 
lexicon vortex which accepts both types.

The Gordius with pedal controllers is actually much smoother than the FCB 
controllers (which don't send so many CCs during a sweep).

I agree with Bill that it's worth the extra expense, I already think it's 
worth it to have the better responding switches, the smooth CCs, and the 
small size.  ...and that's without the extra EDP tricks I'll be able to 

..and indeed I have tried to tell Yamaha about the 70mS latency on their 
MFC10 footcontroller,while the UK tech support guy was able to confirm the 
existence of the problem, he then didn't have any way to pass that info on.
The Behringer FCB1010 has pretty low latency itself, but they never fixed 
the bug I found in the Virtualizer multi-fx. Wierdly though I did receive 
a second email back from them a couple of months after the report, saying 
that they hadn't forgotten about the problem.  

andy butler