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Re: Open letter to Peter Toms of Condor Electronics re: the demise of Electrix

You must have had the secret email or phone number. I never got shit  
from them when I had my repeater.
On Feb 17, 2008, at 3:49 AM, Rick Walker wrote:

> Dear Tom,
> I wanted to thank you on behalf of all of the community at loopers  
> delight and in the larger international
> live looping movement for having been such a strong support of the  
> Electrix Repeater users throughout
> the long and sometimes frustrating vicissitudes of Electrix's  
> history over the years.
> You've always been a friendly and helpful font of information (and  
> repair) and a great support to Repeater users everywhere and
> I am greatly relieved to hear that you now have the stock of  
> replacement parts (and the most recent
> software upgrade for the hardware Repeater) and are committed to  
> supporting this wonderful and
> innovative instrument.
> All the best to you,  and as a service to our community (and those  
> Repeater users, like myself, who
> are not on the Repeater Users group at Yahoo.com)  I'm including
> the address and contact information for Condor, Electronics so that  
> everyone knows how to reach
> you if they have future problems with their Repeaters.
> Thanks again for your attitude and your service to our community.
> If you are a looper yourself,   LOOP ON and please accept my  
> invitation to come
> perform at the Y2K8 International Live Looping Festival as a  
> musician or
> , lol,  do onsight repair of failing Repeaters <wink>
>     If you are not,    LOOP ON , ANYWAY!
> yours,   sincerely and appreciatively , Rick Walker
> founder of the Y2K series of Live Looping Festivals
> www.y2kloopfest.com
> moderator LiveLoopers tribe at Tribe.net
> Repeater owner and lover
> ***********
> contact Peter Toms for Electrix Repairs and Repeater OS upgrade at:
> ptoms@condor-electronics.com
> 125 N 36th St Seattle, WA United States