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Re: looping satellite

--- info at zoekeating <info@zoekeating.com> wrote:
> meanwhile...
> i just find myself fascinated by the 'runaway' spy
> satellite  
> projected to crash into the earth in march. i just
> read that the  
> pentagon is planning to shoot it down. i imagine
> this satellite like  
> one of my repeaters when it gets jammed. all it can
> do is go round  
> and round, gradually slipping out of sync towards
> the destruction of  
> your performance...until you 'kill' it.

Set up a quadrophonic (or more than quadrophonic)
speaker system, and have the/a loop "orbit" the room;
then, using something like a Wiimote, rig it so that
the performer could "shoot" it down by pressing a
Wiimote button when the Wiimote is pointed "at" the
loop as it goes by (with it being possible to miss if
the Wiimote isn't exactly lined up, possibly including
having to "lead" the loop as a quarterback leads a
receiver when making a pass). You could even have the
orbital speed of the loop increase as its orbit
dwindles, and maybe have explosive sound effects when
it gets hit.


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