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FW: The Future of Electrix

This was posted on the repeater-users Yahoo group yesterday.
I hope Peter doesn't mind my cross posting it here.



From: condor-electronics temp <ptoms@condor-electronics.com>
Date: February 13, 2008 5:29:07 PM CST
To: repeater-users@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [repeater-users] The Future of Electrix
Reply-To: repeater-users@yahoogroups.com

hi all - I've just learned that Electrix is finally dead. They tried
very hard to make a successful business out of the product line, but
ultimately were not able to make it happen.

Condor Electronics is going to continue to support the line. We have
parts, power supplies, and documentation to carry out service on any
of the Electrix products for the future.

Regarding the Repeater OS 2.4, I will continue to ship the OS upgrade
for the same price as was offered by Electrix. I've made an agreement
to take on the remaining parts stock from Electrix in LA in return
for selling the upgrade and forwarding the proceeds to what remains
of the company. We will ship it in the same format, a CF card. This
trade of parts for OS delivery will allow us to handle continuing
service for all the product line and especially for the Repeater. I
think it's a worthwhile investment to be able to support the
community of musicians that has grown around these amazing instruments.

As for the history, we started working with the original Electrix in
the mid-90s as the only authorized service facility, and we fixed
hundreds of units over the course of business with them. Since then,
we've been following the twists and turns as the company traded hands
three times. We've established relationships with the original
engineering team, and I've been collecting everything relevant to the
products over the years.

That's the story - I'm sorry Electrix finally failed, but it's also a
relief because I'm no longer limited in my support or communications
to the user's group - that's been a real frustration over the years.


Peter Toms
Condor Electronics Inc
125 North 36th Street
Seattle WA USA 98103
206 633 5190
206 633 0803 fax