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Triggering EDP via drum machine (SR16)

Hey Marco,

You asked about triggering an EDP with a drum machine and about some tips 
and tricks:

The two people that I have seen that blew me out of the water with their 
manipulations of the EDP with a drum machine
are Andre LaFosse from LA www.altruistmusic.com
 and Claude Voit from Switzerland http://www.claudevoit.ch/

.   I don't think either one of them uses this technique
much, if at all, anymore,   but they have been amongst my greatest 
inspirations in using that machine.   They are both fantastic,
creative and inventive musicians and I can't more highly recommend that 
buy some of the CDs that they have out to get
some ideas.

Andre LaFosse is not active at Loopers Delight but he has a very good 
website that has tons of tricks and suggestions about how to use
the EDP creatively.    Claude does participate on this site so you might 
look up his posts in particular or contact him directly.

One of the cool things that Andre would do would be to map very short 
successive loops (1-16) to the pads on his Roland drum machine
and then he could trigger them by hand.

Another person who is very, very sohpisticated at this remapping of the 
multiple loops onto a keyboard (not a drum machine)  is
Berlin's amazing acapella singer,  Michael Schieffel.   I'm having trouble 
finding his homepage through google:  does anyone know what it is?

You are about to enter a very hip world,   good luck and let us know what 
you create with your experiments.


Here are a couple of tricks I use with the EDP (though not specifically 
machine oriented but very rhythmic, nonetheless:

      I put the EDP into SUS OVERDUB   and sing loud bursts of vocal noise 
with different pitches.........while
I'm doing it,   I am tapping out rhythmic patterns very quickly on the 
OVERDUB button on the footcontroller (which , to my knowledge, is the
only live looping hardware machine that allows one to tap extremely 
(and with multiple fingers) on one of the footcontroller buttons.

Additionally,  you can set quantize to whatever integer you want , from 2 
126  and then use the SUS=SUBSTITUTE mode
so that evertime you hit the button you will enter only one (for the sake 
example) 1/16th of the loop.

This allows me to take abstract and rubato short ambient tracks and have 
them really glitch and sound odd and disconcerting until , suddenly,
all the quantized 'slices'  are substituted , in which case, suddenly a 
hip and rhythmic ostinato pattern appears.

I love starting very abstract and suddenly grooving your ass off as you 
layer onto your original sliced groove.

Marco asked:

"I plan to invest in a Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro. One main application I 
want to use it for are rhythmical loops that evolve via short quantized 
replace/substitute/insert actions. I want those actions to be performed 
automically via Midi using a pattern sequencer. More specifically I would 
use an alesis SR16 drum machine for the trigger patterns and assign midi 
notes to the pads. The SR16 sends an midi on and then midi off event with 
pressing a pad.

My question is, would it work like this? Can someone tell by experience? 
there sync or other problems? Would the SR16 work in this szenario or 
I use a different tool and which? Did someone has a similar application or 
variation of it but used different means? Any tips and tricks?"