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No Subject

Nice place here! This is my first post.  Sorry if the question has been answered before but I did not find the answer by searching the archive.
I plan to invest in a Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro. One main application I want to use it for are rhythmical loops that evolve via short quantized replace/substitute/insert actions. I want those actions to be performed automically via Midi using a pattern sequencer. More specifically I would use an alesis SR16 drum machine for the trigger patterns and assign midi notes to the pads. The SR16 sends an midi on and then midi off event with pressing a pad.
My question is, would it work like this? Can someone tell by experience? Are there sync or other problems? Would the SR16 work in this szenario or should I use a different tool and which? Did someone has a similar application or variation of it but used different means? Any tips and tricks?
Thanks ...
- Marco

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