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Music film rights

 Yes I do stuff for free for the fun of it too,or cause it's something I want to support ,like Y2K loopfests and Woodstockhausen. There are definately plenty of people in music and film scamming though,It's really good for people to know how contract laws ,copyrights ,mechanical reproduction etc. work. One can still get taken.
  I'm very aware that people expect to get music for free. I'm willing to play for free-in many situations,for thelove of music,for fun,for good causes ,community spirit etc,but not to make someone else's business venture work. I don't think there's an other profession where people expect one to work for free. I once had someone tell me I shouldn't charge for hand drum lessons,and was outraged when I'd teach free group class if she'd give me a room in her house.

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