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Re: Film music rights

..and I get mails from film students ASKING to be interns... I have one, and any more would fill up my offices. I realise that the whole intern thing has got completely out of hand in the US, and whether they get any real experience is negligable, but on the other hand...

And CUE grumbly old man voice...

"When I was young ,we did lots and lots of stuff for free... FOR FUN!!!! AND LEARNT IN THE PROCESS!!!! But my step son wont even shovel the snow away from my house, or take out the cat shit, unless I pay him!!!" Kids nowadays only start bands to get famous, within seconds of thinking up the band name, they have a website, a my space page, an album recorded with fruityloops. They pose in pictures in front of graffiti with low angles and ask me questions like How did you get a record deal? Why arnt you rich? and whats wrong with Bear Share?

I made pop videos that got on MTV for free ... for FUN... I do gigs for free... FOR FUN!!!

apart from the fact that i dont get to travel anymore, Im a happier (and richer ) man for NOT being a professional musician anymore!!
Its just for love of the noise!!!

I dont think a normal office should realy take on interns, but some people just LOVE film, and want to be near it... for fun.. I still think thats OK.