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Looped rock classic from Santa Cruz... :o)

Hey loopists, 

this is from a gig we did near Santa Cruz last month, on a very wet and cold night... thanks to those of you on the list who made it out to the show! Anyway, here's the clip - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-v8zq6HRRhQ Here's the looperlativeness that's going on - the first loop is a kick drum sound from my bass - I start the loop with 'rec', and end it with a button that has 'play/stop','next track','play/stop','mulitplyx4','multiplyx2' on it, so that with one button push it loops the first track and makes another track 2 bars long. You may notice in that in the second chorus, I try to loop the progression, but because I was using the internal sync record function and come out a fraction too late, it ends up being a beat too long... the amazing thing is that Lobelia adjusts without the slightest wobble... So great to work with musicians who listen that hard! I loop it right second time, and the fade out is done with another loop of indeterminate length, which the crazy stuff is overdubbing to while the feedback is reducing on everything... enjoy!