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Re: AW: looper + laptop interaction

> --- Jesse Thom <jessethevessel@hotmail.com> wrote:
>  >
> >
> > I forgot to mention that I'm on a mac.
> >
> > I'd actually prefer NOT to use a laptop and just
> > keep it hardware based (looper + something that
> > holds audio that can be organized / triggered).
> >
> > I'll have a look at the Roland and Akai products you
> > mentioned and see if I can figure out how to sync
> > one to a repeater (or what i've got right now - a
> > boss RC-50)
> >
> > Thanks - any more info is welcome.
> > :  )

I had most good experiences from using an EDP as master and a Repeeter
as the slave by MIDI Clock signal. With that setup you could put your
pre recorded stuff on the Repeater, if you have a big enough flash
card for those files. You would need to make sure you create the first
loop on the EDP so you will not go too far from the intended tempo, as
this would both time stretch the Repeater's pre recorded material and
also, if going way too fast (like 150 bpm etc) make it impossible for
the Repeater to play it back properly. For fast tempo you should think
"double tempo" as in Dubby Drum n Base (playing in 75 bpm as IF it was
150 bpm).

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)