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Re: 2880 midi control

Hi Teddy,

  The 2880 will go in chromatic steps or change the pitch freely 
depending on the mixdown mode selected. If the 'mixdown track' is 
synched to the 4 basic tracks the slider is chromatic, if it is free 
then the tempo slider is continuous and had a finer adjustment near 
the center of the pot's physical range...   When synched to MIDI the 
pitch tracks tempo smoothly - identically to tape.  The slider has 
one octave up, one octave down range.

-Chuck Zwicky

>Cool... when doing pitch, does the tempo slider go in chromatic 
>steps like the new 16 second delay or free like the old 16 second 
>what's the range on that slider? one or 2 octaves?
>On Feb 11, 2008, at 5:38 PM, Jeff Duke wrote:
>>Yeah the tempo slider is it, other than octave down for pitch 
>>shift. its also very easy to return the pitch to its original state 
>>after messing with it. It has a light that comes on when you hit 
>>the tempo exactly.
>>you can't use octave down or the slider when it is synced to an 
>>external midi clock. however if you change the tempo of the drum 
>>machine it alters the pitch and it goes crazy for a bit then 
>>settles down. Real fun.
>>peace out,
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>>>thanks Jeff,
>>>I assume that the "tempo slider" control pitch as well.... true?
>>>And... is there a fine / coarse control like on the 16 second 
>>>delay  or is the tempo slider it?