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Re: 2880 midi control

rabbirabbifive wrote:
> My question sank into the swamp, so here it is again.  I hope
> someone can answer this- can the 2880 be controlled by midi controllers
> and/or program changes?  The latest video from EHX says it can, but
> they 
> won't confirm or deny it.
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Try search the archives from the loopers-delight main site; 2880 MIDI 
has been discussed in here before.
AFAIR, the last firmware update greatly expanded it's MIDI capabilities.
On http://loopingmusic.proboards99.com/index.cgi?board=eh, I summed a 
few things from the discussions in here, but see no more has been added.

I was considering on the 2880 myself, but had to pull the plug on such 
due to investment considerations (quite elegant, no.. ;) ), so I haven't 
gotten any further, and thus won't have more to offer.

van Sinn