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Re: Eventide Time Factor


This isn't quite right, The TF only does the pitch shifting thing with two 
of the models (as far as I can work out), these are the tape echo and the 
Mod delay. The others merely extend or reduce the delay time without 
changing pitch. This actually gives two uses, one is of course the clasic 
speeding up slowing down effect, whilst the changing time without pitch 
enables really interesting possibilities within delays, it also works with 
the repeat function, where you can shorten or extend the phrase or 
is held and create interesting rhythmic patterns.


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Subject: Re: Eventide Time Factor

> ok, to clear up my answer, the filter delays do not follow pitch with 
> delay time changes, the digi, tape and mod delays do. The reverse one 
> might too I never tried.
> tk
> On Feb 7, 2008, at 5:12 PM, Ian Popperwell wrote:
>> Oh, that's interesting, I'd have said Yes and no/sort of.
>> Yes the delay time  can be controlled via MIDI and no, the changes  
>> result in a pitch shift in all delay models. The tape delay  has an 
>> "emulation" of that when time is changed.
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>> Subject: Re: Eventide Time Factor
>>> yes and yes
>>> it is super flexible with midi commands
>>> tk
>>> On Feb 7, 2008, at 3:20 PM, Mikkoz wrote:
>>>> I'll throw in another query:  Can the delay time be manipulated  via 
>>>> midi, and if so, does it smoothly pitch bend in the direction  of  
>>>> time shift?
>>>> -- 
>>>> Miko Biffl