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Re: Eventide Time Factor

Yes, it can now self-oscilate, if you mean 100% feedback and greater.
It has extensive tap tempo capabilities where the tap tempo can be individually or globally set. you tap quarter notes and the tempos come out in the measure that you've set.
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From: Mikkoz
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Hmmm . . . so Yes and No sort of?  I'd better find a way to demo one then. That's really one of my favorite mangulations.

Does the unit self-oscillate on short (or long for that matter) delay time settings? 

I know it may have already been asked, but does it have tap-tempo, or do you have to start with dialing a delay time? -Miko

On 2/7/08, Ian Popperwell <popperwell@iname.com> wrote:
Oh, that's interesting, I'd have said Yes and no/sort of.

Yes the delay time  can be controlled via MIDI and no, the changes don't
result in a pitch shift in all delay models. The tape delay has an
"emulation" of that when time is changed.

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> yes and yes