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Re: RC-50 up for grabs

If you still have this I am interested in buying.

Let me know - thanks


on 1/28/08 7:18 PM, rithma wrote:

> My Boss RC-50 has been sitting there for too long.  I hate to take
> such a thing for granted.  I cant use it if they dont fix the midi
> sync issues.
> Anyone want it?   Make me an offer.   Its a great looper as long as
> you dont need to sync with an outside source...
> Good to hear Sooperooper has upgraded!  SL is (at last) something that
> has everything i need, the only hangup is the one function that
> crashes my computer when i Midi in the 'undo all' function... perhaps
> in the new.
> Anyone have that problem?
> Getting SOOOO close to a setup that works...
> take care everybody
> rithers

Larry Stites
Nevada City, CA 95959
530-265-2588 phone/fax