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Re: Ableton Live & The best way to multi track.

No, I'm afraid not. Consolidate does just that. It consolidates multiple tracks that have been virtually transferred to the arrangement perspective into a single clip or file so that it can be arranged throughout your material as you specify. I need individual tracks of audio that are destructive edit ready.
In other words. The tracks that are output from Live's midi and audio tracks are divided into bars in ALL audio without any of the automation crap attached. This means that if I hot swapped instruments and effects 52 times in a given track, an EXACT audio wav. file is recorded and preserved in full edit ready fashion. Let's say you have 400 bars in a live session consisting of 20 tracks. 10 tracks are audio and 10 tracks are midi. It's obvious that what live outputs from it's audio tracks is going to be an exact representation of what you monitor from the master during a performance. Correct? I need the same from the midi tracks, that's all. Just an audio representation of anything and everything that occurred in those midi tracks as I improvised them during the time the set was being recorded. 
I just want a TRUE audio log of each track as it's being created. I realize that I could buy like 20-30 of those Tapeit plug ins, but that's a lot of money from something that doesn't really contain edit capabilities and God only knows how CPU intensive that would be.
On 2/6/08, Raul Bonell <raul.bonell@gmail.com> wrote:
Did you read Pers' prior message?
Maybe "Consolidate track" is what you are looking for...


2008/2/6, Bass Player <mrbigpantz@gmail.com>:
Hi Tony
Thank you very much for the reply. These are some candid and respectful queries in thought that I have concerning this issue.
Why in the name of all that's ridiculously simple in terms of BASIC needs isn't this feature available in Live itself? I'm clueless. It seems so rudimentary doesn't it?
It would seem like this would be possible via rewire. Is it? (and)  How well will it work if I attempt to rewire a multi track editor like Audition 3 directly to live?
How about the option of routing the tracks out of Live to a different computer? Can you tap the midi track's audio output and pipe it via ASIO to a different computer?
Thank you very much for even taking the time to read this. I must say that I am completely at a loss for a logical reason that Ableton fails to make this most basic of options available to it's users. I mean, isn't this like DAW 101 or something? ie. Getting a synchronized audio feed from all of a host's tracks that you are recording to?
Please don't get the wrong idea. I do LOVE Live but it's inability to preserve exact audio in the arrangement is mind boggling.
Thanks Again,

On 2/6/08, Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:
On Feb 6, 2008 4:39 AM, Bass Player <mrbigpantz@gmail.com> wrote:
> If that's the case unfortunately this is not even close to suiting my needs.
> I simply need something to document in sync all the multi tracked audio
> results of each individual track in an Ableton Live set as the set is being
> created/recorded.

I never posted in this thread because I think Rainer's suggestion
would do that. As will also the Consolidate Track function in Live. If
it gives you audio files on the drive that correspond to all tracks,
at least I would regard that as "being in sync". Given you start those
audio files at the same time, of course ;-)

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