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I just heard about Last.fm getting their act together in a new program
of internet radio that legally honors both recording right holders
(artists, performers, record labels) and music right holders
(composers, publishers). This made me interested to check out the
service - and I immediately started to enjoy the free stations! I also
created an artist page as well as a user page. On the user page you
can hook up with "friends", but I wasn't able to find any other way to
do this than by letting the Last.fm software spam my gmail address
book, or manually picked names, with invitations. I don't want do
that, so now I'm wondering if anyone here knows a better way?

If anyone here is already a member at Last.fm and want to hook up, you
may find me as the user name "perboysen".

Also, I tried the station based on the tag word "looping" and cello
loopist of this list Zoe Keating came up first. Way cool! But most
songs on that station was just ordinary "radio techno" with static
loop samples. So the playlists over at Last.fm definitely need more
live loopers to submit music. A new feature is that you can set
submitted songs to "Full length preview" to make them eligible  for
internet radio streaming. Another funny detail; when I joined in at
Last.fm I found lots of my music already submitted! But there wasn't
any problem at all to claim the songs as I was registering my artist
profile. At their forum I learned that many other have experienced
this too and I sent a mail to Last.fm to ask what to do. They answered
back within just hours, which is great I think! It seems this service
is well in line with the future (BTW just read Nokias report "A
Glimpse of the Next Episode"

I remember someone posted here on Last.fm not long ago, but nothing
came up on a search at this list's archive. Maybe the archive is
lagging behind a couple of months? Or maybe I, or that poster,
misspelled Last.fm?

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)