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Sooperlooper, Mainstage and the FCB1010

I have been trying today to utilize sooperlooper inside of Mainstage. I would like to control it via the FCB1010. I'm having trouble understanding how these all work together. I've read some of the past emails on the SL list and of course, its still unclear to me. 

Okay, I have a channel strip setup for my audio (Acoustic Gtr). Now from what I understand, I have to create a virtual instrument strip for SL. How do you get this channel strip to see the midi incoming from the FCB? I'm new to Logic so I really don't understand it's midi routing process. As near as I can tell it basically "see's" everything all the time. Also, sidechaining, another requirement here,  is confusing me. 

If anyone can help me get my dumb fucking head around this, it would be appreciated. 

Also it's curious why Apple hasn't created a looper with the same quality of their outstanding effects and instruments. 

Go Pats!