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Re: OT: anybody dealt with tendinitis?

The nutrtional supplement I've been taking for a couple years let's the 
body do a lot of healing naturally and I broke my wrist in I think '96 
pretty bad so my right tends to get tight easier usually.  But over the 
last couple years I've seen an amplified rate of improvement though I'm 
47 now.  Not to mention my vocal range has taken an improvement due to 
losing a lot of allergies I'd had and not getting sick as often.  Also 
I'm feeling better in the mornings by a longshot and doing it with an 
hour and a half less sleep!  The stuff is so cheap that if I can make ya 
know...what 2 dollars an hour in the time I save I still come out ahead 
:-).  So it's kind of a no-brainer for me.

But anyway I've heard of a lot of others getting great results with 
tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.  I don't want to use the forum 
for advertising but as Clinton might say "I felt your pain" :-)   I 
believe if every musician knew the benefits they wouldn't even think 
twice about getting a couple shakes a day of Reliv into themself at 
least.  It's direct marketed  so you can just get it from a local 
distributor if you know of one (which makes it so I don't feel like I'm 
advertising.  Frankly, talking to people on the net has been a TOTAL 
waste of time about this, but I have a conscience and if I have an 
answer I can't not tell people.  .I'll bet I've spent 30 hours or more 
responding to people's questions and stuff and haven't made a penny from 
the internet interactions yet.  Locally I've gradually built a business 
but the internet just isn't the place to talk about this stuff.  It's 
too complex I guess.  But what do I do?  I can't not tell someone if 
I've heard cases where it will maybe help on things.  I hate the 
pharmaceutical industry and know that they are selling people down the 
tubes for gain.  There aren't a lot of good solutions out there and am 
just glad I found one.)

.     It has a 30 day money back guarantee but get enough in you to 
notice the difference.  Start with three shakes a day of a heaping scoop 
of the 'classic' and 3/4 scoop of innergize I believe is optimal for 
180lb guy like me.  Full scoop maybe for larger body masses.   If you 
are consistent the cells get fed everything they need it appears and 
your body will start to mend things naturally.   Some things take more 
time than others of course but if you aren't on medications and stuff 
you should be able to sense the difference within a month on some 
things.  It may take a few months to start seeing significant 
improvement with the tendonitis.  I can't remember what people usually 
find on that but I noticed improvement in my wrist within a few months 
and it just keeps steadily improving.  It used to pop all the time...I'd 
have to pull it and pop it to make it feel remotely right.  After a 
couple years it never does that anymore and the hand is working better 
than ever.   -Bob

Jim Goodin wrote:

> As I'm aging a bit and after now 25-30ish years of playing guitar 
> among other things it seems I'm getting occasional bouts with 
> tendinitis or related.  I do home-made yoga and much stretching but 
> every now and then as now I get a zinger.  This current one which 
> hasn't stopped me playing but I get cautious, began as somewhat of a 
> tennis elbow in my left joint and seems to have migrated down to 
> landing in my first finger.  The only thing I can attrib is my 
> fretless guitar is higher action than my fretted and I've been in a 
> period of heavy playing of it.  I've done  ice and as said stretching 
> but interested in maybe getting a thread of knowledge going on any 
> positive support to these kind of physical issues if anyone cares to 
> echo.
> When things like this happen I'm reminded of the MASH episode where 
> Hawkeye had been through a bazillion surgery's removing limbs.  He was 
> exhausted and fell  asleep.  He had  a dream that he was floating  in 
> the middle of lake in a boat and he had no arms.  Anytime I get 
> anything physical that flashes to me.
> Anyhow tendinitis...
> Jim
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