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Video Performances 02.07.08 and 02.08.08

Hi folks,

I have two very different video improvisation shows next week.

Thursday 02.07.08 at TT the Bear's, 19 Brookline Street, Cambridge MA

An ambient/experimental/psychedelic rock night

show starts at 9pm.. bands from first to last;
ponies in the surf   www.myspace.com/poniesinthesurf
panda and child  www.myspace.com/pandaandchild
caspian  www.myspace.com/caspiantheband
28 degrees taurus www.myspace.com/28degreestaurus

I'm playing with the last 3 bands, which means I probably start 
around 9:45. I don't know what the door charge will be.

Friday 02.08.08 at 119 Gallery, 119 Chelmsford Street, Lowell MA.

Doctor T with the Impromtu 3.

Doctor T -- Video Mixing
Michael Bloom -- Table Guitar and Bass
David Kirkdorffer -- guitar and loops.
Tim Mungenast -- guitar and electronics.

Back in December, I performed at 119 gallery with a trio of musicians 
who had never played together. The evening was truly magical, as will 
happen more often than not improvisation when players bring skills, 
imagination, and unselfish imagination to the situation.

This show features a different such trio, and I'll be sure to include 
some imagery derived from stills of our (too) many snowstorms, along 
with my usual eclectic video mix.

Suggested donation $ 5,00.
" Practice makes perfect, imperfect is better."  -- Paul Bley

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