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Re: density


Well put Ricko!

Many times (as you know) I have trouble with the "what I expect to happen"
part - even in the otherwise free and unfettered process of "solo" looping.

There is always the "expectation" (or hope) that things will "go well" (even
if not exactly predictably in a certain way, or manner, or form).

Sometimes they do not.

Sometime I show up for the gig but find the "muse" stayed home (along with my
confidence and courage and energy).

Sometimes gremlins show up instead . . . heheheheh.

Then things really suck.

This is something I am still struggling to learn to "live with."

BTW . . . I picked up those SRM450s.

I'm a happy camper (even though they're not "new") and I'm looking forward
to this years season of gigs and fests with my interim "new rig."



On Jan 31, 2008, at 6:00 AM, Rick Walker wrote:

My philosophy now, is PLAY WHAT IS, not what you want, or intend, or
expect it to be.............whether you are layering on your own loops,
playing with another syncrhonized or unsynchronized live looper or
whether you are playing in a completey non-looping context.