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Re: density

hm... I somehow disagree here, Bob:

most original music grows out of playing. So the question "what music  
would I like to perform?" is useful but usually limiting to what we  
heard before or to the sounds and playing techniques we are used to.

For me looping was much more a way to discover what comes out of  
myself than a tool to "construct" what I had imagined.

of course, both ways are valid and usually blend together...

On 1 Feb 2008, at 16:10, Bob Amstadt wrote:

>> "what would you like to listen to when you attend
>> a realtime-looping performance?"
>> "what an interesting realtime-looping performance must have
>> to please you?"
> Personally, I generally don't see looping as a style of music.   
> Looping is a technique that musicians and performers use to help  
> facilitate the creation of their art.  The Live Looping Festival in  
> Santa Cruz is a perfect example of this.  So many different  
> musicians perform at the festival all using looping as a tool, but  
> each creating a different type of performance.
> The question that you should ask yourself is "what music would you  
> like to perform?"  Once you have determined that then you can look  
> at looping as a way of constructing your performance.