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Re: OT reverb

I think there's not much that will cost less than the upgrade to the Adrenalinn.  That's $99 if I remember correctly.  Behringer and Danelectro make stompbox reverb for like $30.  Other stuff is like $99 and up.  I played with a Nanoverb ($99) and thought it was ok. I'd go with the Adrenalinn upgrade, there's  alot more in there than just the new 'verbs. 


On Jan 31, 2008 1:44 PM, phillip wilson <phillwilson@hotmail.com> wrote:

Two reverb issues have collided in my life leading me to this post.
1. While happy with my setup for all of a month now I am wanting to add some verb into my vocals...currantly my line goes
mic-addrenalinn1 (mainly for delays that are synced to the delay tempo of the guitar addrenalinn)-EDP
I would be adding the verb post addrenalinn and pre EDP.
I would like a stomp box cos of room constraints so whats out there under 100 new  in stompbox form and quiet
so far  am thinking
Boss reverb
Marshall do one (which i hear "chunks" when bypassed, but  I would just set and forget)
Bheringer stomp box
Getting the addrenalinn upgrade (which seems excessive for just reverb)
2. this is weirdly coincidental... my GUITAR looping reverd is the Digitech Digiverb, I love the gated reverb it has however it has always snap crackle and poped when touched cos for some reson BOTH the outputs have always een iffy at making a positive connection.
and to make matters worse digitech use a weird hex key so i cant get to the guts to re-solder or whatever... but used carefully its ok, I noticed something last night tho...this DIGITAL pedla...is microphonic!!! I rock the pedal , i can hear it in my recordings, i tap the pedal..same...i turn the gain up loud and shout at the pedal...wow, this is weird!! has anyone got any thoughts as to how this even happens?
Phill Myonemanband

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