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Boomerang III update

My curiosity got the best of me, and I dropped an email to the fine folks at BMP last week, and here's what I heard back from Lynne @ Boomerang:

Hi Zak,
I wish I could give you a definite release date, but unfortunately its
just not possible short of consulting a fortune teller. Here's exactly
where we are as of today. We have ordered and received all parts
necessary to build a few hundred Rang(TM) III loopers.
The low level software is complete, i.e. power up initialization; LED,
knob and button control/response; memory management system; etc. The
unit records and plays with incredible sound quality and no loop
boundary glitches. The basic functions of recording multiple loops is
complete. Erasing loops is complete. Stacking is being tested as of last
We have implemented a software architecture that makes inserting changes
faster. Unfortunately he's had a few health issues that have slowed
progress although it should accelerate as we go along.
Thanks for checking with us. We'll be glad to let you know as soon as we
have a release date.
Lynne @ BMP

This sounds pretty exciting -- definitely sounds like they're getting there -- and hopefully, in the near future, we can get our hot little paws on some Rang action. I'm still super curious about the expression pedal, and am hoping it will be able to be assigned to feedback.

Zak Kramer
Crazyquilt Arts & Music