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Re: A Possible new solution in my mind?

i have my email client put all the loopers emails in one folder that  
way i can thumb through them when i geta chance, or look at them  
arranged into threads.

keeps it from scrambling my brain...


On Jan 28, 2008, at 5:06 PM, Dan wrote:

> Now people I greatly appreciate this loopy community and Im  
> obviously not trying to get thrown off
> the loopers list.  But I must say at first several years ago the  
> emails were way over the top
> overwhelming but I got used to it.  I still get dozens a day but it  
> has been a lot more
> manageable.  I want to continue to learn as well as contribute from  
> time to time.  Is there anyway
> we could get like a daily digest ability that shows all the posts on  
> one page that comes on one
> email?  A good example of this would be the Care 2 Action Networks  
> communities of causes and
> petitions.  This is there way, but Im only trying to interject some  
> ideas and not trying to ruffle
> any feathers so to speak. Im sure the moderators already have an  
> awfully lot to handle and keep
> track of but it may ultimately help them even more so?
> Peace and Love
> Daniel T. Albertini, guitarist
> Custom Professional Guitar Repair Services
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