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Re: Electrix at NAMM??

Dan wrote:
> Maybe they had to use the restroom and were worried their equipment 
>would get stolen so they took
> everything with them to the restroom?  Could be, Im guilty as charged 
>for doing that myself from
> time to time if Im in an uneasy kinda feelin environment!  But my 
>guitars are pretty much
> permanently attached to my body now anyway!!! Ha Ha LoL No Kidding :o)
First day I went to NAMM (the day before opening day, 2001) with a 
double gtr
gig bag with one gtr in it. I left with two. They never checked the bag 
again after the
first time. After that, we always took the guitars back to the hotel at 

* David Beardsley
* microtonal guitar
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