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RE: Video from 2003 'Sonic Blender', Boston live looping event

--- Michael Peters <mp@mpeters.de> wrote:
> > <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V55UqdgpgJ4>
> great commentary, music, _and_ hairstyle in my
> opinion! :-)  is that a custom-built guitar?

Thanks Michael!

That guitar is one that I built myself very shortly
before that show. The shape and neck/body junction are
based loosely on the Teuffel Tesla, but the
electronics are more like a standard Les Paul, and the
tremolo setup is a Steinberger R-trem. I originally
built it with a second two-string fretless bass neck
(as it appears in the video), but removed the second
neck shortly afterwards as it wasn't really earning
its keep. (It really required a 2nd full-range amp in
addition to the guitar amp for the bass to sound good,
and the long skinny neck kept whacking into my rack,
the mic stand, innocent passersby, etc.)

It was supposed to have had a photoelectric theremin
in the middle pickup position. (It's routed for it and
the middle pickup cover is a dummy, but I never did
put the circuit in.)

Also, the Dimarzio that was in the bridge position is
now in my Tele, and I've never gotten around to wiring
up its replacement, so at the moment it's only got the
one neck humbucker...

I've got some photos of it posted at the Eccentric
Luthiery Support Group...



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