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RE: Powered Subs

Hi Kris,

I made my post kind of as an alternative to people who are doing the lions 
share of gigs that we are involved in
and wanted to present an inexpensive alternative.   On my own budget I 
have to continually keep price in mind
so this was a simple, elegant and inexpensive solution.

However,  I would never give this advice to someone investing in a P.A. 
an event as big as the BEMF (though I have done
a gig at the ATTIC in Santa Cruz which was the equivalent of the size of 
venue for BEMF 1 & 2 with my little inexpensive rig).

Actually,  after reading everything, I wonder if the JBLS that Stan 
recommended would do the job.

BEMF was fantastic by the way and the sound (and especially the brilliant 
sound engineer) were incredible).

I do personally think that less volume could easily have been used during 
that event, but I am tending to be really on the conservative
side of volume in mixing , especially as my own ears are tending to get 
worse and worse from really, really loud bass of early life
rock and roll gigs.

You are young enough that weight probably is not a factor, but trust me,  
will become more so as you get older so that's a factor.
The JBLs that Stan recommended attracted me and I tend to be in my brother 
Bill's camp about the overuse and abuse of
subsonic frequencies in modern day mixes.

So, all said and done,  I hear why you want what you want and it seems 
wonderful and legitimate.
I'm only going to be a little heartbroken that BEMF will coincide with the 
Scandanavian Live Looping Festivals that I'm involved with
for next year.   It'll be the first one I've missed......  :-(