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Re: Logelloop multitrack realtime audio looper for MAC OS 10.4 and 10.5

>> Oh, almost forgot one big question mark. When trying to load the VST 
>> Plug-in Pluggo Rye, from Cycling74, a pluggo error message informed 
>> me that "there were 69 errors loading this effect". What a shame, 
>> Pluggo are so nice!
> I am downloading the demo version of Pluggo and I look at it. I will 
> keep you informed.


Earlier versions of Max/Msp, those before 4.5.7, could not host plugins 
created in Max/Msp.
And Pluggos are created in that software as is Logelloop.

If Logelloop was built in version 4.6.3 of Max/Msp then you'll need 
Pluggo version 3.6.1.
You might not be but, I'll bet your running an earlier version of 

Rick Williamson