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Re: Logelloop multitrack realtime audio looper for MAC OS 10.4 and 10.5

sorry about that. i worried that we were about to dive into the  
destructive (in my opinion!) trend of publicly trashing brand new  
looping tools. i'll stay out of it! loop on!

On Dec 30, 2007, at 11:06 AM, Mech wrote:

> At 10:14 AM -0800 12/30/07, info at zoekeating wrote:
>> FYI, you can download it and try it out before buying. that might  
>> be a good way to answer your questions, just a suggestion.
> Thanks Zoe, but I started actually playing with it yesterday and  
> most of these are questions in addition to what I've found.  I keep  
> running up against that bloody 20-minute demo limit (I think  
> there's also supposed to be another limit at the 10-minute mark --  
> dumps all your loop memory -- but that's either inconsistent or a  
> bug).  I get into something really convoluted, then it shuts down.  :P
> It's actually a pretty deep little program, having learned a lot of  
> lessons from the Repeater, EDP, and Mobius, amongst others.
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