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Re: Question need answered regarding Loopers!

I dont know if i understand your question,do you want every musician controlling his own loops or do you want to have control of all?If you want full control then the easiest way is like a lot of us do it here, have everybodys instruments into separate channels of your mixing board then put your looper of choice in the mixers aux send  and return it to one of the channels of the mixer,that way you can control its overall volume.This way you also have control of every instruments input in your looper by using the different channels aux send.Otherwise soundcard/preamp with multiple inputs into software is probably a better solution..

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Subject: Question need answered regarding Loopers!

Hey everyone,
My name is Bryce and I am new to the looper list.  I'm in a band that tours full time and I had a question regarding loopers.  On recordings I play all of the instruments but live have a band.  For our next headlining tour I would love to set up loopers on each instrument on stage and create a song from scratch in front of the audience.  My biggest question is by doing this I would be starting on the drums and was wondering if there are any loop stations that come with more than one input / how many inputs does the largest looper have? 
Are there any suggestions on what the best looper for this type of thing is?  I'm wanting to actually go out and purchase a few before the end of the year (super last minute).  Please let me know, thanks!

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