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Re: Vortex power supply - AC, but can take DC?

van sinn says
> Of cause you're all correct.  Which is why in the previous post
>  > Personally, though, I wouldn't risk it.
> I said  "Always a good starting point, until checking schematics.. "
> as a reply to this specific Vortex PSU question.
> Whatever, I fully agree, and maybe should've refrained from the 
> comments, especially because I forgot to advice measuring the adapter 
> before using it.  Far too many says 9 or 12 volt, but measure far more, 
> especially the smaller possibly undersized ones.

Generally unregulated psu will measure more when not connected to anything 
Need to be on load for a meaningful measurement.
( I'm sure you know that, but just to share it)

> FWIW, I never plug in non-specified adapters without checking the 
> schematics.

:-) Lexicon just gave me the link for download

So, hopefully psu info,
and a way round the encoder problem some time in 2008


> Short example: Bought an RME Multiface without adapter. The manual said 
> "DC 8-28 volt, ac 8-20 volt", but didn't mention connector polarity, so 
> I mailed RME to be sure, and also ask if DC was preferred.