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Re: Re:How do you chain your Effects?

I believe the most important philosophical question is "effects before or 
after the looper?"
Of course, the best way is to have both, like in my big hardware setup 
(http://moinlabs.de/images/MS02.jpg) or in my laptop-based setup, where 
effects can be placed both after and before the looper.

The choice has usually to be made in smaller, pedalboard-style/mixer-free 
setups (like in my small instrument into Zoom G2.1u into Boss DD20, 
sometimes with a Korg KP3 trailing that setup). In that setup, I make a 
lot of use of the Zoom's internal effect, but also can use the KP3's 
effects (if present) after the looper.
However, a post-looper effect here will automatically affect both loop and 
instrument signal.

Generally, the advantage of effect pre-looper:
  * you can make use of the looper effecting the effects (like in a 
reverse loop having the reverb happening before the signal)
  * you can "free up" your effects after it has been mixed-down to the loop

The advantage of effect post-looper:
  * in modulated effects, the modulation is always confined to the loop's 
timing, whereas e.g. a step-sequencer controlled filter can have another 
loop duration if it comes after the loop and thus sound different 
everytime the loop comes around.
  * you can change the effects processing of a static loop during the 

A good alternative is using a looper like e.g. the Repeater which has an 
effects insert, where you can choose to have the effect work on the input 
signal or on the loops.

But if I only have one effect available and don't have a looper with an 
insert, I also will always put the effect pre-looper. If I have more than 
one effect, at least one will be after the looper.


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> > how do you actually chain your effects?
> My setup: Instruments -> Mixer -> Delay/FX -> Looper -> PA. Volume and FX
> levels are changed using a midi controller, the mixer settings don't