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Re: OT - acoustic pickups, etc

well if you really want to turn your spanish guitar
into a drum,there is the cromacord pickup they make
here for that purpose:
Ive heard it and it actually sounds really nice,your
whole guitar becomes a drum like a mic in front of
you,but perhaps lacks the presence of a piezo:


advantages:you can mount it on any guitar within a
minute,natural sound etc.you could also combine it
with your existing one.
disadvantage:ive heard ohter people saying it feels
bulky,they dont like the sound,it can feedback at
times if u dont set it right and offcourse looks, if
you mind that.But i am sure they are not as prone to
feedback as a microphone and well,you can dance your
rumbas canīt you!

--- Daryl Shawn <highhorse@mhorse.com> wrote:

> Well, I'd say it's decent for that, not outstanding.
> It's really made to 
> try to cover a lot of bases, from classical playing
> (has a nice neck, 
> not flat like a shredder's axe) to folk, so it
> doesn't have such a 
> distinctive flamenco sound out of the box. I use La
> Bella strings (red 
> tops) which help give it a good brightness, the bass
> sound isn't as 
> snappy as a really nice acoustic flamenco with pegs
> and everything, but 
> I think you'd be happy with it for a live situation.
> (Here's 50 seconds of me playing it rumba-style
> through a PA - 
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJUtuCtXraY ).
> However, one of the reasons I brought it up here is
> that /golpes/ don't 
> come through the onboard pickup very well, hence I'm
> looking for a 
> second sound capture source to help with that.
> Hope this helps!
> Mine is an older model, before they added the
> onboard tuner, that's a 
> great addition.
> Daryl Shawn
> www.swanwelder.com
> www.chinapaintingmusic.com
> > Hey Daryl,
> > great that you bring this guitar up,in fact ive
> been
> > doing research on it all day(rather on the
> Takamine
> > EC132C) since i need one soon for my cuban son
> > group.The onboard tuner and quick battery access
> is
> > one of the main reasons i am looking at them i
> think
> > they are the only guitars that feature that.
> > i have an old spanish raymundo that is about 20
> years 
> > and love its big flamenco sound coming out of such
> a
> > thin cutaway.But when the battery dies live is a
> pain
> > in the ass to replace!plus for this type of music
> i
> > dont want to have anything on the floor not even a
> > tuner so this makes it a good candidate.But tell
> me
> > how "flamenco" is its sound?
> > cheers
> > Luis
> >   


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