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Re: Advent Calendars and how far back looping goes...

... and calendar cycles in general.
I once did a little research on religious traditions, and how they keep the Hours, and weeks, and months, and seasons, etc.  All these natural rhythms permutating, round, and round, and round, and round, as the Beatles used to sing!
As the story goes in TM, all of the Rounding and Meditation that dear Prudence was doing over in India was too much for her, so the Beatles went around her hut, singing the now famous song (or so the story goes)
Which brings up Ragas.  Has anyone done a looping cycle based on Raga scales for the eight divisions of the day?  Might be an interesting CT sort of project, especially if it was done in one 24 hour day..
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Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2007 2:38 PM
Subject: The Absurd Advent Calendar

A band that I love to play with is my friend Michael Frank's The Absurd. (For the CT folks among us: MF was featured with a piece on the CT-Great Speeches project.)
The Absurd's website http://www.theabsurd.de consists mostly of advent calendars, each one styled very differently, starting in the year 2000 - the new 2007 advent calendar has just been completed so there are now eight calendars to browse (the 2007 calendar can only be opened starting from December 1st, day by day, of course).
Each of the calendars has 24 doors, and each of the doors leads to images and mp3s from The Absurd's band history and current activities. As this band already looks back to more than 20 years of history, there is lots and lots of stuff to listen to - and the new calendar even features videos, I have heard. :-)
If you love avantgarde rock music, improvisation, and experiments, please visit this page, and especially keep visiting the current calendar till the Dec 24 finale. Yes, this calendar also features some of my own stuff. Yes, it features some looping here and there, but much more than that.

The Absurd Person Singular...
The Absurd Person Plural

Welcome to a new edition of The Absurd Advent Calendar. Its title was obviously inspired by Alan Ayckbourne's play "Absurd Person Singular". Check it out.
This year the calendar presents to you various members of The Absurd as soloists - performances recorded within the framework of The Absurd or as part of individual solo projects.
Apart from featuring the considerable talents of the singers and players this calendars serves as a reminder of how much fun it is to play and interact with with friends in a band. A heartfelt thank you to everybody who has contributed sights and sounds to this calendar. Praise of the highest order to the tireless Martin Ziegler (web organ) and the unbelievable Vera P. Zielke (calendar drawing).

Enjoy, Michael Frank

look 'n listen at http://www.theabsurd.de