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Re: computers suck creative energy

Very good points Tony!

Computers are awesome creative tools if you're willing to 'practice' learning the software!!!

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>This is a great thread which is very revealing.

Yeah, definitely.  I thought about it a bit last night while not being
able to sleep.  I don't find that computers suck my creative energy.
But, I'm a computer nerd and programmer, so it's become second nature
for me to tweak and play with PCs.  I think (to me) the computer
maintenance and setup is not really that different from changing
strings or getting the kinks out of the tangle of wires and stuff.
Now I have an extreme number of little electronic boxes so I'm not
typical as far as that goes.  And learning software is like practice.
Not always fun, but necessary.  If I spent as much time with Sonar as
I have practicing that guitar, I'd be a freaking expert.

For me, a computer has added way more toward me being creative than
it's sucked the energy out.  It's just in how you look at it, I guess.
PCs can be very frustrating.  They are complicated little buggers.
And sometimes, yeah, the breakdown RIGHT when it's most irritating.
But then, so is breaking a guitar string in the middle of a creative
whirlwind.  Or having to replace a battery, or cable, or uh... why
isn't the MIDI signal getting from the kbd to the rack it worked
yesterday!... or why is the damn guitar buzzing again...

The thing that sucks the most creative energy out of me is having to
work!  Damn.

What's that lottery up to??


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