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Mechanical looping show tonight in San Francisco

Ok, this might be a stretch, but I'm playing in an ensemble tonight
that uses mechanical looping - hand cranked instruments.

Thursday, Nov 29 2007 8:00 PM

Outsound Presents Luggage Store Gallery New Music Series
1007 Market St. @ 6th Street
San Francisco
8-10pm, $6-10 sliding scale

8pm: Larnie Fox's Crank Ensemble
9pm: Toychestra

The Crank Ensemble is a San Francisco-based performance group whose
musicians create rhythmic and repetitive patterns by using handmade
crank-operated machines. The instruments are constructed by artist
Larnie Fox; each has a mounted piezo (contact microphone) to amplify
its sound. The ensemble of cranks creates layers of sound, resulting
in a range of a sparse new-music style "plinking" to melodic loopiness
and hardcore noise.

Toychestra is an all-women musical ensemble that plays toys. Some are
actual instruments like toddler-sized pianos and xylophones and drums.
Others just make great sounds, like the pink zoo train or Boo
Megaphone or the acoustic, multi-sonic Activity Center. Still others
are used for percussion, like the washboard, Don't Wake Daddy, and
woodblock. Each instrument is individually amplified with contact
microphones and the collection is mixed live for a bigger electronic
sound. This creates a sophisticated aural experience that is a far cry
from a bunch of kiddies banging around. Toychestra performs original
compositions ranging from stark to upbeat, from percussive to melodic,
to ambient, avant-garde and kitsch. In the past the band was known to
do a few covers ranging from Dvorak to Kraftwerk to Black Flag.

Matt Davignon