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Re: Looperative LP1

Hi Sjaak,

I'm Bob Amstadt creator the LP1.

> 1) I use midi tap tempo a lot. Does it sync well to external midi clock?

I spent a large amount of time getting this to work well.  I don't use 
feature myself, but I know that several people do.

> 2) What happens with the recorded audio if some external midi clock 
> changes the tempo from 120 to say 60?

The MIDI sync code will do its best to stay in sync even if the clock 
changes.  It does this by jumping ahead or behind in the loop as needed. 
For small changes in speed, the loop will probably sound pretty good.  The 
skips are often not even noticeable.  As you make larger changes in speed, 
the results aren't really predictable.  The LP1 will try to stay 
synchronized, but if the difference is too great, then it won't be able to 

> 3) Can you set the number of beats per track by using a midi CC command?

At this time, no, but that is something that I could add easily to the 
software if it were necessary.

> 4) Is there a list with all the programmable midi commands?

Have you looked at the online manual? 

The online manual is a little behind the software, but most of it is in 

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to email me or 
on the forum at the Looperlative web site.

Bob Amstadt