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My obnoxious looping tale...

this looping fiasco has been the most obscenely tail chasing redundant goose chase ive ever been on with my robots.     Two years ago i bought ableton live,  the Behringer foot controller, 
and a mixer.  it worked,  but never the creative aspect that endless overdubbing brings.  
Then i (verrrrry irresponsible credit card user)  bought an RC-50,  played with it for a week, then got that credit card guilt thing and returned it.    THEN when visiting San Francisco, a 'b-boy' lookin kid walks by me on Haight street with an echoplex digital pro under his arm, like how youd carry a book.     "Echoplex! Right On!!!" i yelled,   and he immediately engaged in a conversation about how al it needed was a new mix pot and other than that its perfect blah blah blah,  make me an offer.   so AS A JOKE,  i say "how bout 20 bucks?"...  he responds with a confrontational "aw man, im offended!"  (and this is where all of you on this list decide to hate me)   he says  "gimme twenty five".    TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS.   i soldered in a new mix pot and scrubbed the 80's looking Graffitti off the face and top,  bought the footpedal for a hundred bucks,  and  voialah,  there went the next month of my nights,  stony and looping and really just cant handle working in mono!!!   so our lovely vocalist nica adopts the thing,  i go back to the drawing board with an Ableton upgrade,   spending countless hours and weeks and months programming and CC'ing and 
once it finally starts working just right.........(!)....ableton starts crashing on me every time i open it.    Every time the band comes over.   And Om Records is on my case about not having an act together after 2 years of configuring.   
so i went out and bought an RC - 50 again, hoping to sync it to my bands master clock and control hardware effects (ensoniq DP-2)  with the old foot controller.    
I also wiped my hard drive on my laptop and installed reaktor because it sounds so nutty.   Maybe ill dump another hundred bucks into an ableton upgrade to see if it runs without crashing.   
basically what im asking is  what the hell am i doing here?     people are waiting to pay us when the show is ready and i am spinning my wheels in gear and software.   its rediculous.   
should i sell the echoplex and the RC-50 and get the looperlative?  it looks so simple it kind of weirds me out being so expensive. 
do they have foot controllers?
never mind.  
i love you all. 

it seemed like the perfect medium, and i tried sometime back without success.  
a step by step rundown would be MUCH appreciated!


(normally not this whiney but just so frustrated with the  "Every Looping Device is missing one crucial parameter" clause.  
who wrote that anyways?