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Re:Need your input on the Rang III

Hi Kris,
Question: do you mean midi CC's controlled by a midi footcontroller like 
the FCB1010 or a expression pedal directly connected to the Rang III? 
Anyway, here's my list with midi CC's.

Each loop should be individually controlable.
- feedback control 0-100%
- reverse on/off
- loop volume
- input volume
- tap tempo
- tempo change (halve speed, double speed)

Other must have midi receive parameters:
- program changes
- midi tempo sync (slave)


> Krispen wrote:
> Please send me your input on what you consider the top 10 parameters 
> expression pedal can be used to tweak in realtime in a floor looper.
> Boomerang has asked me this question, and I'd like to get a good set of
> responses to consolidate into an answer for Mike.

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