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Re: Need time sync explained

Per Boysen wrote:
> On Nov 2, 2007, at 19:29, van Sinn wrote:
>> I may go for a HW looper, but drift more'n'more towards a SW  solution 
>> on a labmactop, probably as a pluging, to integrate with  Logic's 
>> MainStage.
>> So, how to sync?  sensors on the drum kit into.. something  generating 
>> MIDI sync info?
> My advice is to sync manually by either tempo tapping a pedal or  using 
> a pedal button that restarts all loops instantly. I give this  advice 
> because a "restart/trigger all loops" kick button works better  for me 
> compared to other methods I have used with Electrixpro  Repeater, Gibson 
> Echoplex, Ableton Live and Mobius.

That I don't understand, of cause, based on lack on experience.
For 'fixed' synchopatics music, it makes sense; for progressive styles 
with changing patterns, I'd think linking to drums would be better.
Then again, if percussion isn't at a steady rate, I do see poblems..
I'm sure you have your reasons, though..

> I too like MainStage a lot, but I still use Logic for looping virtual  

I attended a Logic Studio demo/workshop a few weeks ago, and Erik Metall 
(great name for a musician, sweedish, know him?) referred to looping in 
Logic as less usable, so I'm a Bit surprised on your take here..

> MIDI instruments. I make this choice because I like using some  
> functions I have built in the Environment, like different arpeggio  
> lines and a tuned/intelligent chord creator (the Chord Memorizer  
> object, for those who know Logic). However, If I should have been  
> playing guitar only, I would go with MainStage right away.

My plan (for later implementation) is having a MIDI/USB organ-style 
floor keyboard for playing stacked-up key/synth/organ's in MainStage 
while doing my guitar stuff.  Planning to run this from a Mac lappie 
makes for good reasons considering a SW-based looper.
If my planned setup moves on, I imagine needing to switch between 
looping the guitar parts only, and occationally also sampling both 
guitar and the MainStage stack.
For the latter reason I'd expect a plugin looper a better choise.

I have no idea as yet about how sharing I/O lines on a 4 in, 4 out audio 
IFC between Logic and a either a standalone og plugin looper app will 
work; maybe I'm just seeing imaginary ghosts ;)

van Sinn