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Re: square waves (as VST)

Mark Landman wrote:
> Hi Andy-
> I'd be interested, like probably many others, the devil of course is 
> always in the details, how good does it sound, what features does it 
> offer, etc.
> A VST like my old Prime Time II with a little more memory would be 
> useful enough to justify yet another delay plug-in, I think.
> Keep us advised!
> Mark
> On Nov 1, 2007, at 1:52 PM, andy butler wrote:
>> hi Mark,
>> ;-)
>> hint,
>> the reason I'm asking the question is that I already worked out how
>> to get a vst delay to act as if it had a modulated oscillator.
>> ...would you actually want to purchase a vst plug with those 
>> capabilities?

Hi Mark (and others)

Please feel free to imagine any features you'd like.
I'll be listening ( and no doubt other developers who are on the this list)

So far I just have an experimental plug with the following controls

1) Delay Input Volume 
2) Delay Time ( customiseable)
3) Feedback (0-100%)
4) Modulation Speed
5) Modulation Depth
6) Delay Volume Out
7) Dry Volume Out

Delay time is very easy to re-program to any max value, and then is 
variable by a factor of ten. At the moment though, I didn't put in
a switch for delay range. 
At the moment it has a max delay of 1s and a min of 0.1s,
but could be made to any delay that the pc could cope with.

Modulation is at the moment by sine wave.

The idea of the experiment was to make a plug which would allow
you to capture a short loop (using Input and then vary the playback speed 
a large range, just like you could with some of those old digi-delay
stomp boxes( except that the range is greater).

Sound quality pretty much the same coming out as going in,
with the exception that  pitching a sound upwards by a lot
may produce a few digital artefacts. (this is something that I'll
work on).
I've compared the PSP42 delay, but that has a sound which is deliberately
lo-fi with artefacts, even with no shifting.

I hadn't imagined that there would be much demand for "another delay plug"
so I considered this project just to be something of a curiosity.

It has a 'Mathons' logo on the (provisional)graphic, so I'd need to 
discuss with
Matthias Grob before and release of the plug. (it's all my own work though)

..oh, and right now it's pc only, but shouldn't be a problem to "mac" it.

andy butler