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Re: FlyLoops and electronic instruments

- Next Loop (is this your A->B?)

** not exactly .. there is A->B, and there are also serial loops ... here 
the difference:
A->B is a set of two loops, only one of which can play at any time (of
course) ... but either of which plays in parallel to the master or other
** a serial loop is a loop that when played will turn all others off ....
and play alone (it is it's own master and doesn't allow parallel loops).

*** there can also be B side masters ... which is like a serial loop that
has some others in tandem ..... like a second bank of parallel loops.

I'm not sure I understand. Can you describe a practical application of 
A->B function?

- Add (what is this?)- maybe append whould be a better term ... add 
to the end of a loop ... increasing its length ....

Cool, so not like Multiply which extends the original length of the loop, 
but while overdubbing new material over the top.

For the future, what about...

- Reverse - yeah .. no problem
- Half Speed / Double Speed / Variable speed (via MIDI expression pedal)
** yes ... planning on adding a frequency shifter and then pitch and tempo
independently also.


- Scripts/Function Chaining  (ability to chain functions together into a
single button press) - already have this one actually ...


- Rate change - what's this ?

I don't use it, but I think you change pitch without changing speed? 
else can describe. Mobius has it, I believe.

- Random pitch change - random ... nah

Yeah, that is getting experimental. Limited user need here.

- Random shuffle (randomly select windows of a loop and play in a sequence)
.... I dunno, maybe

Ditto my above comment.

- VST hosting - yes ... or at least rewire capable (since then it could
connect to samplers that run VSTs) .... this one is actually very important
to me since I want to sell my korg triton rack (anyone, anyone) ... and use
reason as my sampler ....

That's cool. The only reason why I ask, is that some loopers run reverb 
after their looper, as a finishing effect, and so that reverb trails are 
cut off. So, if I used max/msp for all my effects, and then ran into 
FlyLoops, I would need a way to add Reverb in FlyLoops.

Thanks for responding to all my questions. :)