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FlyLoops and electronic instruments

Hey all ...

In response to the many inquiries I got about using Flyloops with VSTs and
other programs, I've gone ahead and applied for a license from 
to get the libraries to make Flyloops Rewire compatible.

In English ..... this will make it possible to use the output from other
programs (like samplers which generate the sound for electronic
instruments/keyboards, etc. or VST instruments) ... and use that sound as
the inputs that Flyloops sees, and can then loop.

And thanks everyone for your great input during Y2K7 .... always nice to 
ideas about what different people look for in their "ideal" looper.  I was
blown away by the number of other engineers at the festival.

Just for reference, here is the list of programs that are Re-Wire

Ableton Live 
Adobe Audition 
Logic Audio 
Arturia Storm 
FL Studio 
Cakewalk Sonar 
Companion E&D Intuem RW 
Cycling '74 Max/MSP 
Digidesign Pro Tools 
Granted Software ReVision 
Line 6 GuitarPort 
Line 6 RiffTracker 
MOTU Digital Performer 
Opcode Vision DSP 
Opcode Studio Vision 
Plogue Bidule 
Raw Material Tracktion 
Pro Tools on OS9 using reFuse 
Sonoma Wire Works RiffWorks 
Sony ACID Pro 
Steinberg Cubase 
Steinberg Nuendo 
Synapse Audio Orion 
ArKaos VJ 
Arturia Storm 
Audionaut Obsession 
Bitheadz Retro AS-1 
Bitheadz Unity DS-1 
Digital Salade Toki Shot 
FL Studio 
Cakewalk Project 5 
Cycling '74 Max/MSP 
Plogue Bidule 
Propellerheads Reason 
Propellerheads ReBirth RB-338 
Sony ACID Pro 
Speedsoft VSampler 
Tascam GigaStudio 
Toontrack dfh SUPERIOR

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