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Re: AXON AX 100

Hi Richard,

Are you really willing to give up the Roland pickup?  I'd love to have it if no one else has beaten me to it,  Glad to pay all the costs etc, but no problems if its going elsewhere.

Congrats on the current run of things, sound like all is going splendidly for you and yours.

Take care


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On 10/31/07, Richard Sales < richard@glasswing.com> wrote:
Thanks Dan!

Oh man!  So much to learn and research.

Luthiers are like beer stores for me.  I have to keep my distance!  I
LOVE GUITARS TOO MUCH!  I finally sold one this past year and am still
having convulsions having done it.  But at one point I noticed spider
webs between the guitar and the wall it was hanging on so I just had to
let it go.

But yeah..... I will RELUCTANTLY go peek at William Eaton,
Roberto-Venn's and YOUR sites or info.  I have to admit I have terror.
I fall in love so easily.

We don't have any PSAs right now.  And she's not signed in the US as of
right now but it's VERY MUCH looking like that will happen within the
next bunch of months.  She's now signed to Universal in the UK so we'll
be going there in the first quarter 08.  That's pretty exciting.  I
think France and Germany too.  But the way the majors - or what's left
of them - work - is your record is ONLY released per territory and can
really only be promoted and tour supported per territory.  So we've
been pretty confined to Canada since the record came out.  But it's
doing very well here.  The first single is lodged in the top ten of the
AC chart.  Was at #3 for about five months and has now slipped to #8.
It's the most played record on AC this year!  And the new single is
fast climbing as we speak.  And they're planning to launch the third in
Feb so it's very conceivable Hayley will have THREE singles in the top
playlists,  So, IN CANADA, we're doing very well. Hopefully that will
translate to other territories as well.... Jah willing.

Oh shit!  I ALWAYS need equipment. But that's like a very overweight
man saying he ALWAYS needs candy bars!  I'm gonna have to upgrade my
studio sometime soon and that will be ugly.  But the record's been
nominated for a Juno in Engineering (Canada's Grammy) so I COULD have
more studio work out of that.  Don't know if I really WANT that.... but
I'm sure my wife would like to see more of those little green (and in
Canada red, blue etc) magic carpets flowing through the bank account.

Our web sites are in my signature below.  But.... www.hayleysales.com
(she has a myspace too - you can hear some songs there),
www.richardsales.com (samples of my songs there) and www.glasswing.com
(samples of instrumentals for film video there)  the studio.

I guess to keep my karma clean I should pass on the Roland GK1 pickup
and the MIDI interface that goes with it.  If any of you want it and
will pay shipping and boxing I'll send it to you.  I never used it.
And.... it was given to me!  If you want it let me know.  Only catch
is, you can't turn around and sell it on Ebay!  As the natives say,
"The gift must move."

Thanks again Dan and everyone who responded to my question.

richard sales
glassWing farm and studio
vancouver island, b.c.
On 31-Oct-07, at 6:41 AM, Dan wrote:

> Richard!!!  Good to hear your back it sounds like you been having fun,
> I wish I could say the
> same.  Anyway my teacher/luthier masters especially William Eaton is
> requested by companies
> especially Roland to test their prototypes of all kinds of electronic
> equipment.  I do not know
> for sure if he is on tour right now but I would recommend you contact
> him through Roberto-Venn.
> He usually designs the instruments around the technology, or
> viceversa.  One of the most amazing
> and seemingly unique human beings I have ever met.  Very personable
> and sweet at the same time he
> helped me a great deal to get through some of the most challenging
> times of my life back in 1999
> through 2000!!!  Do you and Haley have any different websites I can
> link up for yall at
> myspace.com/albertiniguitarworks?  Im trying to get a couple more
> projects off the ground I have a
> few more live performances on the radio stations around here in the
> four state Area and in
> Pittsburg soon.  I will be playing solo and or with new experiment in
> the works "Eagle Dawn" set
> drummer/manager website consultant/very good friend Wade Heilig and
> percussionist extraordinaire
> Daniel Warlop Pittsburg State University Gorilla Radio.  Send me your
> PSA's & I will try to get
> them some air time for you all and Haley!  I also have been coming
> across a lot of random
> equipment through the interchange of musicians friend warehouses so
> let me know if their is
> anything else to keep an eye out for in the various piles of
> electronic and wood rubble?  ha ha
> lol!!!  Its all good :o)
>  Wish you and yours blessings of wellness/health, harmony, peace,
> prosperity, wisdom, love and joy
> Sincerely your friend Daniel T. Albertini
>  myspace.com/albertiniguitarworks
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