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Re: AXON AX 100

Richard Sales wrote:
> So question - have any of you used the AXON AX 100? Has anyone used it 
> with an acoustic guitar? And do any of you know where to get PICKUPS - 
> especially the hexaphonic pickup for acoustic guitars? I was given the 
> AX 100 and it looks very cool. But it don't got no pickup! Argh!!! It 

Hi Richard,
probably the Roland p/u is your best bet,
but check that the string spacing lines up first.

You could check out the Graptech Ghost system


...but I think that would need guitar surgery.

Terratec market their own p/u, but don't make any claims about it
being better than the Roland.

General consensus is that the AX100 onboards sounds aren't up to much,
so you might want to think about some kind of synth.
(It's essentially a wavetable pc soundcard, the default piano sound is not 
 bad if you can stand digital piano, but otherwise think 80's General 

Of course, if you want to plug in a laptop an run some soft synths using 
then you're going to enjoy yourself.

andy butler