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10/29 (tonight!): Tom Swirly presents: The Illusion of Maya

Hello, one and all, young and old, brave and bold friends,
acquaintances and people who's lists I'm on (and a special nod to the
looper's delight and open loop crew -- drop by to loop after

I've been planning this show for a while but this absolutely
exceptional location and evening just fell into my lap so I thought
I'd jump on it despite the very short notice (I just had the final
confirmation a few minutes ago).  It's tonight but if we get any sort
of show at all we'll be able to do it repeatedly...

Jump to the end for the skinny on the space.

Tom Swirly presents:

The Illusion of Maya:
   an avant-garde talk show and variety act.
       featuring Maya Sky
       with Tom Swirly playing himself

"Under Maya's influence, the soul mistakenly identifies with the body"

On the bill:

  Tom Swirly and Maya Sky: 8:00
  Dr. Steam Whipple: 8:25
  Puppies Hold Hands: 8:50
  Han Tammen/Tom Shad/Joshua Fried trio: 9:15

-- ten minute break --

  The Illusion: 10:05
  Joshua Fried's Radio Wonderland: 10:15
  Dan Jones: 10:50
  Kid Lucky: 11:20
  Sky and Swirly and the cast: 11:45

midnight and later:
  open loop (all performers of all types)

There will likely be dancers, including the illustrious Valmonte Sprout.

Monday, October 29, 8PM sharp till late.

at the basement of Lucky Cheng's
24 1st Ave. between E1st and East 2nd.

(Note that we will unfortunately not have many if any of the drag
queens in the basement part of the bar...)

We'll be starting at 8 promptly.

Ask for the Early Bird Buyback special.

First five guests get a free drink!!!  (always tip your bartender!)
  First ten guests get free admission!!
    Next ten guests pay $3!
        ... but only if you ask for it.

Otherwise $5.

    (always $3 after midnight!)

Notes on the show:

  Maya hosts
  The guests play music (or do other things but tonight it's all music)
  Tom interviews the guests
  Maya and Tom play with the guests.

(My personal) notes on the performers:

  Maya is an illusion but will sing for you.

  Tom Swirly (open loop, Verge, etc) plays electronic wind instrument,
sings, manipulates machines, and does various other entertaining

  Dr. Steam Whipple will entertain you on the classical guitar.

  Puppies Hold Hands has Touching You (Liquid Tapedeck, Haunted Pussy,
etc) and Tom Swirly (henceforth TS), together again after almost five
years and a show that was raided by the police.

  Han Tammen plays endangered guitar. Tom Shad plays bass. Joshua
Fried plays...er... things.

  The Illusion may or may not appear.

  Dan Jones is the Welsh guitar wizard from open loop and TS's summer
street fair.

  Kid Lucky is the groundbreaking beatboxer.  This marks his first
time on the same stage as TS since their a cappella hip hop duo
Volectrix self-released two CD titles in 2000.

  Valmonte Sprout is a home-grown mime/Butoh/performance dancer whose
dark, ritualistic show Node Be The Altas (with TS performing the
music) was one of the last things at the old Ludlow Collective:
Unconscious space.

Notes on the space:

  It's super-fantastic for the audience and performers alike.  The
performance area is in the back, comfortable, nice big stage, good PA,
we can hardly go wrong.

There's a nice bar area in the front separated by a hall from the
performance area so you can go away and chat and then come back and
watch again.

Mind the step on the way in!!

  Patrick Bucklew (ex-Mo Pitkins) is manning the bar.  He's a great
guy, a serious artist and performer himself, and very supportive of
our attempts.



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