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Re: conversations threading IMPORTANT

On Thu, Oct 11, 2007 at 11:26:25AM +0200, Per Boysen wrote:
> On 11 okt 2007, at 09.29, Claude Voit wrote:
> >somewhere in the message header are some nb/codes that make the  
> >conversation tree understandable by the email client and organizes  
> >the display in our respective mail client.
> This is something I have not heard of? No email system I have been  
> using works like that (MS Windows Office Outlook, Outlook Express,  
> Eudora, MS Entourage for Mac, Apple Mail, online web browser  
> dependent G-Mail, online web browser PHP system Squirrel). When  
> sorting according to Subject (equalling "thread") the function is  
> based on alphabetical order, leaving out those short abbreviations  
> typically added by the email client, as "Re", "RE", "FW" etc.

Every email gets a message ID, and when you reply to it,
that goes in the headers.  Many mailers, like Thunderbird,
IIRC, support thread presentation based on these headers.

I use MUTT.  These lines in my headers are key:

> In-Reply-To:
> <58694CE7-DDBC-4B82-8447-CB391CF71704@gmail.com>

It's quite handy.

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