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Cara  :)

At 01:13 AM 10/8/2007 -0700, you wrote:

>A couple of people have mentioned a sentiment that I share with them:
>It's great to attach a face to the names of some of the people who 
>here at the l.d. board.
>Could we put a page up or ten up at the website that has photos next to 
>all the
>people who are here at the site?
>I think it would be great if we could attach names to faces.
>If that would take up to much bandwidth then I would volunteer to
>put them up at the Live Looping Tribe at tribe.net where it is free 
>to  post photos.
>It'd be better to have it here at L.D.  so, to that end,   why doesn't 
>find their best mug shot and print their name on it so that we can start
>putting together a photo gallery of all the live loopers.
>yours,  Rick
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