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Re: WHAT DO WE LOOK LIKE, (Flickr group)

On Mon, 8 Oct 2007, Rick Walker wrote:

> A couple of people have mentioned a sentiment that I share with them:
> It's great to attach a face to the names of some of the people who 
> here at the l.d. board.
> Could we put a page up or ten up at the website that has photos next to 
> the people who are here at the site?
> I think it would be great if we could attach names to faces.

I created a Flickr group this morning to get this started. If you are 
on Flickr, add yourself to the "LoopersDelightLoopers group", and add a 
picture of yourself to the group. As I created the group five minutes ago, 
at the moment there's just one picture of me playing theremin :).


Hope this helps.

Steve Burnett   Subscape Annex  http://www.subscapeannex.com/